Dental Services

The Health District offers an array of dental services to meet your needs*.

The Family Dental Clinic

Adult and children's dental services for Health District residents. The Family Dental Clinic also offers emergency dental care. Call 970-416-5331 for more information.

Dental Connections

Dental Care Under General Anesthesia Program: The General Anesthesia Program (GAP) coordinates dental care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are unable to receive dental care in a traditional office setting because they require care under general anesthesia during their dental appointment. Call 970-493-3366 for more information.

Placement with volunteer dental providers: We have more than 35 dental providers in Larimer County who volunteer with us to provide dental care on an affordable sliding fee scale. Call 970-493-3366 for more information.

Dental Provider Database: We can help you find a local dentist that meets your needs. We have information on hundreds of dentists in Larimer County (including those who accept Medicaid) and can make sure you have objective, complete information so you can choose the right dental professional. Call 970-493-3366 for more information.

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* - Eligibility process required to qualify.