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Local mental health and substance use resources at your fingertips

by Julie Estlick

Sarah has struggled with depression for years and lately her symptoms have worsened. She keeps putting off going to therapy because the last time she called 10 different therapists and none of them took her insurance or had openings.

computer screenAnd across town, Tom has a lot of stressors in his life and realizes he is drinking alcohol as a way to escape the pressure. After five years of struggling, it’s time to cut back on his drinking and learn healthier ways to cope with stress. He does a Google search for therapists and substance use treatment and is overwhelmed by all the different options. Where does he begin?

Sarah, Tom, and others in need can now skip the frustration and use a free online tool that offers detailed information on local provider practices and area support groups and classes. is a website provided by the Health District of Northern Larimer County’s Connections Team that was recently relaunched with a focus on mental health and substance use services in Larimer County. Staff can help individuals and families in need of assistance with mental health or substance use issues get answers to their questions and get connected to the service that best meets their particular needs.

Those searching for a provider/resources on the site are always welcome to call Connections at 970-221-5551 and talk to a staff member about their options.

“The goal of is to offer a groundbreaking, comprehensive source of behavioral health information for Larimer County,” says Lin Wilder, special projects director for the Health District. “We are aiming to provide up-to-date listings for all the local options for mental health and substance use services in one place—on a site that’s easy to search and filter, so people can quickly find the service that is right for their needs. This is a critically important tool for individuals, families, school counselors, care coordinators—really anyone who helps others find care—and it was developed with their input.”

Website users can narrow their search by filtering in categories such as provider specialties, treatment approaches, age groups treated, languages spoken, practices accepting new clients, types of insurance accepted, and other information about providers.

The redeveloped website recently came online and Wilder anticipates that over 400 providers and organizations will create a free listing on the site over time. As people use the site, they are encouraged to offer suggestions for other features that might be helpful by going to the Contact Us page on the site.

A key addition to the website is a focus on providing specific information on substance use treatment and supports in addition to mental health resources. Knowing who specializes in substance use disorders, and who provides specific approaches such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), or substance use-specific assessments is critical to finding effective care.

Other useful features include the ability to search for groups and classes offered in Larimer County. The site also has a section with health guides and educational blog posts on the latest news from the behavioral health field, such as emerging treatments and new services available locally. The entire site can also be translated into over 100 languages with a single click to better assist people whose first language isn’t English.

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For help finding the right local resources to meet your mental health or substance use needs, or to talk to a behavioral health specialist, call Connections adult services at 970-221-5551 or the Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC) team for ages 0-24 at 970-221-3308.