Health District employees with award

Health District lauded as risk management leader

The Health District of Northern Larimer County has received the inaugural Risk Management Leadership Award by the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.

A recent cybersecurity assessment led by the Health District’s Safety Committee confirmed that the Health District’s internal security network processes and procedures are sound and that the organization has a strong commitment to safeguarding the data privacy of patients, clients, and employees.

As a healthcare provider, the Health District complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a 1996 federal law that restricts access to individuals’ private medical information.

Other examples of excellence included committee members using grant monies to pay for automatic external defibrillators and ergonomic desks that provide a safe working environment for Health District staff as well as clients. In addition, all drivers of the organization’s vehicles undergo mandatory training through a program called TargetSolutions.

Safety Committee members (shown above, L to R) are Support Services Director Chris Sheafor, Finance Director Lorraine Haywood, Information Systems/Network Manager Chris Roth, and Dental Services Director Dana Turner. “Continuing to address risk remains one of the Health District’s most important goals throughout this year and beyond,” Haywood says.