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Blood pressure program targets heart health during pandemic

blood pressure graphicMounting scientific evidence shows that the novel coronavirus causes infection and inflammation in blood vessels. The high prevalence of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks in COVID-19 patients may be linked to these factors, says Health District Clinical Nurse Manager Cheri Nichols.

“There are widespread, significant benefits to preventing or managing any condition that compromises the blood vessels, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. It’s important now during the pandemic, and always,” Nichols says.

The Health District can help. The Improving Blood Pressure Program offers free individual sessions with a registered nurse. These sessions cover how high blood pressure can be improved with medications and healthy lifestyle, how to self-monitor your blood pressure (BP) at home, and how to have an effective discussion with your health-care provider about concerns and treatment options.

High blood pressure is one of the easiest conditions to diagnose and treat effectively and is best accomplished through active patient involvement and partnership with a provider. Participants in the program may borrow an automatic BP cuff for several weeks free of charge, and get advice on how to shop for one. Consultations are done over the phone or by telehealth.

Nurses are available to answer questions and for program enrollment—call 970-224-5209.