Healthy Eats: Fresh finds at local farmers' markets

By Julie Estlick

Spring’s arrival on the Front Range means sweet, young vegetables and delicate leafy greens are popping out of the ground. Soon farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture clubs (CSAs), farm stands, and even your own garden will be bursting with colorful and healthful fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Coloradans grow a large amount and variety of produce in our high-elevation, dry, arid climate from spring through fall. The Centennial State specialties are even named for certain areas: Rocky Ford provides some of the juiciest melon varieties in the country, Palisade gives us big, sweet-scented peaches that rival those from the Peach State, and who can forget Olathe Sweet sweet corn? To find a local market visit

We’ve compiled a list so you can start planning your seasonal meals or canning schedule with this fun crossword puzzle.