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Community Health Survey logoConducting the Community Health Survey is a community effort. We need your help and insight to make sure our survey accurately captures the health of everyone in Larimer County.

Here are a few ways you or your organization can get involved:

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Shape the survey

Tell us what you want to know about Larimer County. Are there specific topics within community health that your organization is interested in learning more about? If so, we'd love to talk about ways we can mutually support one another. Some of the questions on our survey are a result of partnerships with other agencies.

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Share the survey

Approximately 10 percent of Larimer County housholds will be invited to take our survey in the spring of 2022. The more people that complete the survey, the better our data will represent the diversity of our county. In an effort to encourage community members to respond, we would be happy to provide your organization with marketing materials and other information so you can help spread the word about the importance of completing the Community Health Survey.

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Support the survey

Countywide data is critical for long-term public health planning and priority setting not only for our organization, but also for other key entities and nonprofits providing health services across our community. In order to have health data available that represents all of Larimer County, we must have partners to help fund the portion of sampling costs that are outside of the Health District of Northern Larimer County. The Health District needs to secure outside funding to send surveys to those who live in the southern part of Larimer County, including the communities of Loveland, Berthoud, and Estes Park. Our funding partners play a critical role in facilitating data analysis for all of Larimer County and gain the opportunity to have customized data sets to meet their unique needs.


We welcome questions and comments. Please contact Sue Hewitt, Evaluation Coordinator, for more information about the Community Health Assessment.
Phone: 970-224-5209