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Healthy Living

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to staying healthy. Better information. Encouraging words. A plan.

Over the years, the Health District has offered a variety of services to help people make better choices when it comes to healthy living. Some of these efforts, including nutrition and smoking cessation services, were initially provided in a wellness center called Health Bridge operated in conjunction with UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital, which maintained a health library there. 

Some of the healthy living services were discontinued as other options became available in the community. The Health District stopped giving flu shots to the public once inexpensive annual vaccination became widely available at pharmacies. Most recently, the Quit Tobacco Program was retired as it became apparent that the statewide QuitLine service could fill many of the same needs. 

The Health District still offers free (to district residents) testing for cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure. A 20-minute appointment includes a simple finger-stick test and follow-up counseling where a registered nurse explains the results, provides information on how to manage risks for heart disease and diabetes, and offers referrals to heath-care providers when appropriate. Currently, these heart-health screenings focus on people who have not been tested for cholesterol in the past year and may lack access to regular preventive care. 

If you are interested in a screening, call 970-224-5209 to make an appointment.