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2017 Legislative and Issue Analyses

To view the analyses, click on More Info below the bill number or issue. All documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Analyses are based on bills or issues at the time of their consideration by the Board of  Directors. Bills may change during the course of a legislative session. For the current status of these and other bills introduced in the Colorado legislature, visit the web site for the Colorado General Assembly.

Occasionally the Board of Directors also will take a position on a ballot measure. In compliance with state election law, no analyses are prepared on ballot measures that are not of official concern to the Health District.

Questions about analyses? Contact the Health District at 970-224-5209.

2017 Legislative and Issue Analyses
Bill or Issue What it concerns HD Board Action Date Considered
SB17-057 - Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise
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Modifies the Hospital Provider Fee to a state enterprise to reduce its impact on the state budget due to TABOR revenue caps The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. January 24, 2017
SB17-065 - Transparency in Direct Pay Health Care Prices
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This bill would require health providers and facilities to make available online the prices charged for their most commonly provided services. The prices listed would reflect the price for individuals without any insurance or third-party payer. The Board of Directors voted to support the concepts of this bill but ask legislators to consider refining the bill to reduce patient confusion on prices and to ensure the bill covers auxiliary services such as labs and imaging. February 14, 2017
SB17-004 - Medicaid Access to Providers
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This bill would allow medical providers to bill Medicaid recipients for health services provided when the provider is not enrolled in the Medicaid program and when the patient signs a written agreement that states he or she would be billed. If the requirements are met, the Medicaid recipient would be responsible for the cost of the medical services. The Board of Directors voted to oppose this bill. February 14, 2017
SB17-082 – Regulation of Methadone Treatment Facilities
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This bill would create new regulations on the location and operations of substance use treatment facilities that utilize methadone therapy. The regulations include 1,000 foot setbacks from a variety of other facilities, requirements for reporting of offenses by related businesses in other states, and defining methadone facilities as non-medical for purposes of local zoning laws. The Board of Directors voted to oppose SB17-082. February 28, 2017
SB17-019 – Medication Mental Illness In Justice Systems and SB17-021 – Assistance to Released Mentally Ill Offenders
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SB17-019 – Medication Mental Illness In Justice Systems and SB17-021 – Assistance to Released Mentally Ill Offenders These bills come from the Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning the Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems. SB17-019 would require the Office of Behavioral Health and the Department of Corrections to agr February 28, 2017
Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Funding
The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey is a survey of youth about health-related issues, substance use, and more. The survey is used to plan health interventions, understand community needs, and provide data on long-term health trends of Colorado youth. he Board of Directors voted to support the funding of the Health Kids Colorado Survey in the FY2017-18 Colorado Budget. February 28, 2017
Funding for Immunization Services and the Colorado Immunization Information System
The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) is a vaccination information system that helps healthcare providers, schools, childcare centers, universities, and patients keep better track of the shots they or their clients have received or are missing. The program is funded in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment along with a variety of other immunization programs that ensure access to immunizations and information about immunization across the state. The Board of Directors voted to support the funding of immunizations services in the state budget, including the continued operations of the Colorado Immunization Information system, in the FY2017-18 Colorado Budget. February 28, 2017
Family Planning Funding
The FY2017-18 Colorado Budget request includes $2.5 million for family planning, including funding for long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). Studies of a program to provide LARC to low-income women have shown a significant health and wellness impact in many communities around Colorado. he Board of Directors voted to support continued funding of family planning, including long-acting reversible contraception, in the FY2017-18 Colorado Budget. February 28, 2017
SB17-250 - Student Exemption from Immunization Requirements
This bill specifies that in order to fulfill requirements for an exemption from immunization requirements, a parent need not use a specified form from a state agency but instead can get a note from a health provider or the parent. Currently, CDPHE uses a form that includes information about immunization. The Board of Directors voted to strongly oppose SB17-250. March 28, 2017
SB17-203 - Prohibit Carrier from Requiring Alternative Drug
This bill prohibits a health carrier from requiring a covered patient to undergo step therapy to determine the most appropriate drug to use, when the patient has already tried the drugs in the step therapy. The insurance carrier may still require prior authorization, but this would prevent patients from having to retry drugs already found to be inefficacious. The Board of Directors voted to support SB17-203. March 28, 2017
SB17-027 - Increase Penalties for Texting while Driving
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This bill increases the penalties for citations for texting while driving. With the increased penalties, the bill requires that law enforcement witness both the use of the phone for texting and the driver operating his or her vehicle in a careless of imprudent manner. The Board of Directors voted to support SB17-027. April 11, 2017
HB17-1286 - State Employee Health Carrier Requirements
This bill requires that carriers that contract with the State of Colorado for its employee health benefits also participate in the individual marketplace and provide plans in areas with high premiums. The Board of Directors voted to support HB17-1286. April 11, 2017
American Health Care Act
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This bill repeals and replaces elements of the federal Affordable Care Act. Board President Mike Liggett and Executive Director Carol Plock submitted a letter to the editor to the Fort Collins Coloradoan opposing the latest draft of the bill. May 1, 2017
HB17-1350 – Pharmacist Partial Fill Opioid Prescription
This bill allows a pharmacist to partially fill a prescription for an opioid pain reliever if requested by the prescriber or the patient filling the prescription. In some situations, patients do not need the entire prescription, which leads to unused opiates being stored. The goal of the bill is to reduce the unused supply of these drugs in situations where they are not needed. The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. April 25, 2017
HB17-1351 – Study Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment
This bill would require the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) and the Department of Human Services to collaborate on a report on residential and inpatient substance use disorder treatment options under Medicaid. In preparing the report for the General Assembly, the departments will evaluate cost effectiveness of these treatments and the potential impacts on other state and local programs. The report will recommend changes to state law to implement changes to increase capacity and availability of substance use disorder treatments. The Board of Directors voted to strongly support this bill. April 25, 2017
HB17-1353 – Implement Medicaid Delivery & Payment Initiatives
After considerable public input and consideration, and for many reasons, HCPF’s decision was to keep Larimer County in the current ACC RCCO region for ACC 2.0. Members of the local Medicaid ACC Oversight Committee support that decision, depicting the main reasons in testimony sent to HCPF during the RFP comment period. While the issue is not currently included in this bill, if it should be raised, the Board of the Health District is also very supportive of that decision. he Board of Directors voted to support this bill and to strongly support Larimer County continuing to be in the current ACC RCCO region. April 25, 2017
H.R. 1628, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (U.S. Senate Amendment to “American Health Care Act”)
This bill would drastically reduce federal funding of programs that aid Coloradans in attaining health coverage and access to care, including Medicaid reductions that would likely require the state to make changes to eligibility (covering fewer people) and reducing services. Changes to the ACA’s insurance rules would make many people currently receiving financial assistance in the marketplace ineligible for assistance and significantly increase out of pocket expenses for many. Those anticipated to be most affected by increased costs include those in the lowest incomes and those who are older. The Board of Directors voted to strongly oppose the BCRA because of its impacts on Medicaid and private insurance, which would increase premiums and out of pocket costs for many Coloradans and take billions out of Colorado’s economy. June 27, 2017