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2011 Legislative and Issue Analyses

To view the analyses, click on More Info below the bill number or issue. All documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Analyses are based on bills or issues at the time of their consideration by the Board of  Directors. Bills may change during the course of a legislative session. For the current status of these and other bills introduced in the Colorado legislature, visit the web site for the Colorado General Assembly.

Occasionally the Board of Directors also will take a position on a ballot measure. In compliance with state election law, no analyses are prepared on ballot measures that are not of official concern to the Health District.

Questions about analyses? Contact the Health District at 970-224-5209.

2011 Legislative and Issue Analyses
Bill or Issue What it concerns HD Board Action Date Considered
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Concerning Continuation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and, in Connection Therewith, Repealing the Prescription Controlled Substance Abuse Monitoring Committee The Board of Directors voted to strongly support this bill. March 29
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Concerning a Colorado Health Benefit Exchange The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. March 29
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Concerning the Authority for the Proceeds of the Transfer of a Hospital Owned by Certain Types of Local Governments to be Used for a Public Purpose if the Public Purpose is Approved by the Voters of the Local Government The Board of Directors voted to strongly oppose this bill. March 29
Larimer County Referred Issue 1A
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Repeals two existing 0.2 percent sales and use taxes and replaces them with a 0.375 percent sales and use tax to fund jail operations and other criminal justice programs. The Board of Directors adopted a resolution of support. September 27