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2009 Legislative and Issue Analyses

To view the analyses, click on More Info below the bill number or issue. All documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Analyses are based on bills or issues at the time of their consideration by the Board of  Directors. Bills may change during the course of a legislative session. For the current status of these and other bills introduced in the Colorado legislature, visit the web site for the Colorado General Assembly.

Occasionally the Board of Directors also will take a position on a ballot measure. In compliance with state election law, no analyses are prepared on ballot measures that are not of official concern to the Health District.

Questions about analyses? Contact the Health District at 970-224-5209.

2009 Legislative and Issue Analyses
Bill or Issue What it concerns HD Board Action Date Considered
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Prohibits operators of a motor vehicle who are under 18 years of age, school bus drivers, and vehicle carriers regulated by the Public Utilities Commission from using a wireless telephone while the vehicle they are operating is in motion. The Board of Directors supports restrictions on the use of cell phones while driving, but did not take a position on this bill. Jan. 20
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Allows health maintenance organizations to offer enrollees basic health care services through a limited benefit plan. The Board of Directors voted to strongly oppose this bill. Feb. 24
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Directs the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to establish a process to allow Medicaid and Children’s Health Plan Plus (CHP+) participants, or their parents or guardians, to apply for re-enrollment over the telephone or through the Internet. The bill specifies that any changes to the current statute must be permissible within the context of federal law. The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. Feb. 24
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Repeals Title 24-75-201.1, commonly referred to as the Arveschoug-Bird statute after the two legislators who sponsored it, which limits the growth of the state’s General Fund to 6% over the past year’s expenditures. The Board of Directors voted to strongly support this bill. Feb. 24
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Requires licensed clinical social workers, licensed social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, licensed addiction counselors, and Level II or Level III Certified Addiction counselors to maintain continuing professional competency in order to renew or reinstate a license or certificate to practice in Colorado. The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. Feb. 24
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Asses a fee on hospitals and uses that money to draw down federal matching funds. The new revenue stream could fund a variety of initiatives including expansions of the public health insurance programs. The Board of Directors voted to support this bill. March 24
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Creates the Colorado Health Care Authority as a political subdivision of the state with the mission to create a public system to recommend to the General Assembly that is the benefits definer, administrator and payer for health care services in Colorado. Establishes a board to create the system. Specifies comprehensive medical benefits to be covered and requires that all necessary waivers, exemptions, and agreements from the federal government be secured to ensure current levels of federal funding for health care in the state under the new system. The Board of Directors voted to strongly support this bill, but with reservations about the size, structure and composition of the proposed Authority Board. April 10