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2005 legislative and Issue Analyses

To view the analyses, click on More Info below the bill number or issue. All documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Analyses are based on bills or issues at the time of their consideration by the Board of  Directors. Bills may change during the course of a legislative session. For the current status of these and other bills introduced in the Colorado legislature, visit the web site for the Colorado General Assembly.

Occasionally the Board of Directors also will take a position on a ballot measure. In compliance with state election law, no analyses are prepared on ballot measures that are not of official concern to the Health District.

Questions about analyses? Contact the Health District at 970-224-5209.

2005 legislative and Issue Analyses
Bill or Issue What it concerns HD Board Action Date Considered
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Concerning a requirement that the state seek a waiver under the health insurance flexibility and accountability demonstration program. No action taken. April 26
Amendment 35
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• Factors impacting sustainability after the Amendment 35 tax increase. • Comparison of Amendment 35 legislation. • Concerning the implementation of tobacco taxes for health-related purposes. • Informational purposes only. • Informational purposes only. • No position taken at this time. Staff will continue to monitor Amendment 35 legislation. April 14, Feb. 22, & Feb.2
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Concerning the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. Voted to strongly support. April 14
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Concerning the requirement that legislative council staff use a dynamic model to analyze the economic impact of a bill that makes a tax policy change, and making an appropriation in connection therewith. Voted to support. April 14
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Concerning the creation of an assembly for comprehensive state healthcare reform for the purpose of making recommendations to the general assembly regarding access to health care for all Colorado residents. Voted to support. April 14
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Concerning the retail sale of methamphetamine precursor drugs. Voted to support. March 30
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Concerning the authority of local governments to provide mental health care services to persons residing in the community. Voted to support. March 30
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Concerning an adjustment to the amount of state revenues in excess of the limitation on state fiscal spending in section 20(7) of Article X of the state constitution in order to provide a more stable means of funding state budgetary needs. Voted to support. March 30
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Concerning the enforcement of an offensive involving failure to use an appropriate motor vehicle restraining device. Voted to strongly support. Feb. 22
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Concerning substance abuse treatment under the "Colorado Medical Assistance Act". Voted to strongly support. Feb. 22
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Concerning an increase in the maximum amount of compensation that may be paid to members of the board of directors of a special district. Voted to support. Feb. 22
Concerning the creation of a Colorado income tax credit to reimburse a taxpayer for a certain portion of the property taxes that the taxpayer pays to a school district for the taxpayer’s use of business personal property tax. Voted to take a neutral position. Feb. 2
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Concerning an increase in the exemption from property taxation for personal property. Voted to strongly oppose. Feb. 2
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Concerning childhood immunizations. Voted to strongly support the creation, funding, and maintenance of statewide immunization registries. Feb. 2
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Concerning reporting immunization information and, in connection therewith, creating the immunization tracking fund and allowing qualified insurance. Voted to strongly support the creation, funding, and maintenance of statewide immunization registries. Feb. 2