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2013 Community Health Assessment

Community Health Survey

The 2013 Community Health Survey was a printed, 16-page survey with 83 questions. It was part of the Health District’s 2013 Community Health Assessment.

The survey was designed to collect a wide range of health information.  Questions covered health conditions and behaviors, insurance coverage, affordability of health care, access to health-care services, and other topics.

Around 7,300 households in Larimer County were randomly selected to take the survey. Adult residents were contacted by mail and asked to participate. Participants completed the survey by mail or online. A total of 2,819 surveys were completed.

Selected findings from the 2013 Community Health Survey

Summary of key findings

Access to care

Mental health

Oral health

Substance use

Tobacco use


Back pain

You can search elected survey findings using the Larimer Health Tracker website maintained by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment: Larimer Health Tracker.

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Community Health Forums

The 2013 Community Health Assessment included a series of Community Health Forums (discussion groups). More than 180 people participated in these discussions.

See a summary of comments from the 2013 Community Health Forums

Questions about the 2013 Community Health Assessment?

We welcome questions. If you have questions about the 2013 Community Health Assessment or would like to request a data analysis, please contact Sue Hewitt, Evaluation Coordinator.

Phone: (970) 224-5209